We invite you to come and eat with The Real McCoy's. Wingo's is located on the first floor of The Hatfield McCoy Inn.  Wingo's specializes in freshly Smoked Pork Boston Butt BBQ, served with one of our mouth watering homemade BBQ Sauces. We have great Ribs, Black Angus Rib Eyes, 1/2 lb Burgers, Philly's, Rubens, Quesadillas and much more.

The next time you're close by and would like us to cater to you and your friends give us a call or stop in. We'll serve you some Pork Worth Feud'n Over!  Wingo's is open Fridays and Saturdays starting with breakfast  7am -10pm.  With the increase in trail riders  you will find us open most Thursdays for dinner as well.  We can cater to your group anytime. Call us at 304-426-4700.



Wingo's Grill