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​​​Grand Central Station

Asa Harmon McCoy

Hatfield McCoy Resort

​​ Devil Anse Hatfield 


Matewan, WV

Buffalo Mountain​ & The Devil​ Anse Connector Trail

​​​​​​​​​​   Welcome to Hatfield-McCoy Resort/Inn and Wingo's Grill. Centrally located between Buffalo & Rockhouse "Hatfield and McCoy Trail Systems and within 20' of the trail head parking lot is where your trail options begin! Approxmately 100 miles of trails West of Matewan on the Buffalo and approximately 170 miles east of Matewan that  include approximately 70 miles of The "NEW" Devil Ance Connector and approximately 100 miles of the Rockhouse Trail. Totaling over 300 miles of trails!!! For you Enduro Adventure Motorcycle riders with street legal bikes there are more than 1000 miles of  The Real McCoy Trails within a radius of only 35-40  air miles that include the 3 states of WV, KY, & VA where they meet together.  The owners are Donald and Kathy McCoy. Direct descendants of The Hatfield's and The McCoy's.  We offer fun for the whole family. We are located on the border line of Matewan WV and McCarr KY. This website offers fun and exciting information involving  Historic Matewan WV and the surrounding areas. Come visit Historic Matewan,  Stomp'in  grounds of The Hatfield's and The McCoy's.  We are located within 1-15 miles of 90% of the feud sites!!!    Come see why others are saying we are Grand Central Station!